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Moniteye are Structural Monitoring Equipment Providers supplying Engineering based Companies unique and specialist Monitoring instrumentation for their clients around the UK and Globally. Utilising the latest in Wireless Remote Technology using GSM networks, GPRS and Satellite technology coupled with our On-line Web Gateway giving you the ease of access to your data 24/7 and the peace of mind that our systems are watching, tracking and recording your most valuable assets day and night. With a fully functional alert and alarm email and SMS system in place, we make sure you are aware of what's happening, when it happens. 

Moniteye monitoring systems keep engineers remotely connected to their distant structures. For many organisations their ability to operate efficiently is based upon the availability and performance capabilities of their bridges, tunnels and other remote structures. Managing a remote structure can be a challenging proposition; an effective method must have an ability to evaluate the structure, respond to unplanned events and communicate the status without the need for constant and costly site visits. 

Traditionally, organisations have relied on periodic visual inspections to assess their remote structures; Incurring costly closures and down time of road and rail infrastructure, unfortunately the relevance of the last report is constantly being challenged by time, the environment and unplanned events. Key structures require careful consideration. For those structures that are key to smooth running transport networks deploying a remote monitoring system to continually assess the condition and availability of the remote structure can dramatically increase efficiency, awareness and safety. Some examples of at risk structures include those that are: 

  • In unknown condition  
  • A collision target  
  • In a seismically active area  
  • Prone to the effects of flooding  
  • Susceptible to high winds or storm surge  
  • Exposed to frequent and excessive loading  
  • Targets for malicious acts  
  • Known to have a reduced capability

In the past deploying a structural health monitoring system was difficult, expensive and frustrating. Moniteye systems are elegantly simple, extremely rugged and very affordable. Monitoring a remote structure facilitates a safe and efficient operating environment by allowing organizations to make timely, data-driven decisions based upon the current status of the structure.