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TECOPY Group (GRUPO TECOPY) is one of the leading Studies, Projects and Technical Assistance developers in the areas of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Architecture as well as in Communication Solutions and access to Information through the Internet based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The Group was created in 1989 and has 3 business lines: (i) Engineering: Civil engineering, Industrial engineering and Architecture; (ii) Consulting and ICT: Transport, Environment, Urban Planning, Information systems, Expropriations, Applications and Systems, Remote sensing, Natural hazards; (iii) Education and e-Learning.

This group formed around 120 highly skilled workers, proof of which is that more than 70% are university graduates, these workers are spread over five head office: three in Spain, one in Bulgaria and one in Colombia.

TECOPYSA, created in 1985, with a headcount of more than 30 employees and annual turnover around 5.5M€ brings a vast expertise in the fields of Civil and Industrial Engineering (mainly focused on Building Engineering) and Architecture. As part of the market evolution and bearing in mind our customer’s needs, TECOPYSA undertakes several industries in its area of consultancy. TECOPYSA strongly strives for technology innovation, quality and professional development of its team aiming to develop new activities in the areas of consultancy and engineering. There is an important component of R&D in many of the projects carried out by the company and active participation in research programs at regional, national and especially European level.

The main areas of expertise are:

  • Energy Efficiency, Energy Services, Electrical Grids, Industrial Projects, Renewable Energy.
  • Transport and Road Safety Consulting, Studies and Projects of Linear Works, Transport Infrastructure Technical Assistance.
  • Studies and Projects of Hydraulic Works, Hydraulic Infrastructure Technical Assistance. Forest Management, Environmental Consulting, Pollution and Waste.
  • Strategic Land-Use Planning, Urban Planning (Building and Architecture) and Urban Consulting (Comprehensive Architectural Management).

Website:  www.grupotecopy.es